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Assisting with the Court of Protection Application process, I help you deal with the property and financial affairs of someone who does not have the mental capacity to do so. For further information about the Court of Application Services I provide, please my office in Blackpool, Lancashire.

The Court of Protection

The Court of Protection in English law is a superior court of record created under the Mental Capacity Act 2005.

It has jurisdiction over, the property, financial affairs and personal welfare of people who lack the mental capacity to make decisions for themselves.

Among its various roles the Court of Protection is responsible for determining disputes as to the registration of enduring powers of attorney, and Lasting Powers of Attorney, appointing new trustees, authorising certain gifts and making statutory wills.

Examples of personal welfare issues determined by the court are decisions about where protected persons live, who they see and how they are cared for. I can assist you with the application process.

Applications to the Court of Protection are complex and time-consuming. As a member of the public, you are fully entitled to make the application yourself. However, if you feel that such an application is too complicated or that you do not have the time to spend on it and would like me to help, or even handle the application process on your behalf, I can. I quote you for the likely costs involved and for your peace of mind, I am there throughout the process to provide support and guidance including everything from completing the forms to obtaining the information required from you and completing the forms ourselves. 

I correspond directly with the Court of Protection and keep you fully informed throughout the application process.


I am also confident that my fees are much lower than those you would be charged if using a firm of Solicitors because my hourly charging rates are lower than the rates that they traditionally charge.

Contact me in Blackpool, Lancashire, when you require assistance with submitting a Court of Protection Application.

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