Putting Asset Protection Trusts in Place for Clients throughout Blackpool, Lancashire

Ensure the right members of your family inherit your assets with a Asset Protection Trust. Placing your assets into a Asset Protection Trust means that you can securely pass any property and savings that you have worked hard for onto your spouse, children and beneficiaries. For further information about the benefits of having an Asset Protection Trust in place, please contact me.

Protect Your Assets

Would you like to protect your hard-earned assets from; 

• Divorce? 
• Bankruptcy?
• Re-Marriage? 
• Unsecured Creditors? 
• Claims from Undeserving Claimants?
• Save On Probate Fees?

Keep your assets in your bloodline and protect from sideways inheritance.

Asset Protection Trusts

An Asset Protection Trust is specifically designed to protect your hard worked for assets during your lifetime and to give you the peace of mind that they can pass on securely and intact to your spouse, your children and their bloodline (or other named beneficiaries) after your death.

A Will can only control the assets that you own at the date of your death and if these have been eroded during your lifetime by events such as those listed above, then there could be little, if anything, for your beneficiaries to inherit. With an Asset Protection Trust, you can “ring fence” your assets such as your home and your savings.

What is a Asset Protection Trust?

It might help to think of a Trust as a safety deposit box for you to keep your assets in. – You can pass your assets to a Asset Protection Trust established in your name and for your benefit whilst you are living…but why?

Placing your assets into a Asset Protection Trust should ensure that they pass to the people you want them to after your death, according to the terms of the Trust, or under the terms of your Will. The inheritance due to any unreliable beneficiary can be protected by the Trust and be passed to them at a more appropriate time. 

If you originally planned to leave everything to your surviving spouse or partner, but have children from a previous relationship or marriage that you would like to ultimately benefit, then the Trust can be used to protect their intended inheritance.

The value of the Trust won’t be eroded by expensive probate costs. When you die the Trust can be wound up and your Trustees can pass the assets to your beneficiaries, in accordance with your wishes, without having to follow any complicated processes or procedures or applying for a Grant of Probate.

Contact me in Blackpool, Lancashire, to find out whether a Asset Protection Trust is suitable for you.

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